Monday, June 3, 2013

Leslie & Andrew {LEXINGTON, VA}

It isn't often I get to stand in as a second shooter at a wedding... and though I missed the one on one relationship I usually have with my brides, I have to admit- it has its perks. I had the opportunity to shoot on one of Kevin Remington's weddings on Saturday and really got to play up that "fly on a wall" persona and capture some really great documentary style shots. Check 'em out.
 photo editAampH-Wedding75-copy_zps345ce85b.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding77-copy_zps2c033dd0.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding2-copy_zps1fa9470c.jpg photo editAampHWedding56_zpsd7b851bd.jpg photo AampH-Wedding89-copy_zps62021532.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding105-copy_zps372e972f.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding102-copy_zps11b6c701.jpg photo editAampHWedding118_zps6f706f7a.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding314-copy_zps4c0442c2.jpg photo Untitled-3-copy_zps32e94c42.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding283-copy_zps0611df71.jpg photo Untitled-2-copy_zpsa1fca0c2.jpg photo editAampHWedding160_zpsbe381fcd.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding232-copy_zps60e6450d.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding323-copy_zpse3f689a8.jpg photo Untitled-4-copy_zps780123da.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding255-copy_zps2108456f.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding354-copy_zps23d6bfd3.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding419-copy_zps26c4c855.jpg photo Untitled-5-copy_zpsd28faa58.jpg photo editAampH-Wedding605-copy_zpsb2ea1953.jpg

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