Monday, April 28, 2014


Yet another Behind the Beautiful Image Workshop has come and gone and once again, I had a group of DSLR newbies that literally blew me out of the water with their insanely creative, photo-taking-skills! Thanks to everyone who helped make this bad boy happen, including our two little hunks who modeled for the group on day two! Here's a few shots of their cute little faces...  photo BBI22-copy_zps1b74528d.jpg photo BBIc3_zps97263417.jpg photo BBI23-copy_zpsdaca7052.jpg photo BBI27-copy_zps38a38f39.jpg photo BBIc2_zpsd81b8710.jpg photo BBI32-copy_zps5115c0c7.jpg photo BBIc1_zpsfb346890.jpg

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Delaney + Stephen are Tyin' the Knot! {LEXINGTON, VA}

Let's take a quick break from mini shoot posts for this bright 'n' cheery engagement shoot. This couple was laid back and easy to work with, just how I like 'em. Congratulations you two!
 photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit1-copy_zpse68b071e.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit2-copy_zps9c1b289b.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit5-copy_zps8ae8e2dd.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit12-copy_zps0e0e1752.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit3-copy_zps9d30f8f4.jpg photo Dc3_zps593025a7.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit11-copy_zps623efa9c.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit19-copy_zps6f02aa7f.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit15-copy_zpsb7771fac.jpg photo Dc2_zps82c81266.jpg photo Delaney--Stephen-Blog-Edit18-copy_zpsa468ae3e.jpg photo Dc1_zpsaf2eb5ff.jpg

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The wedding season has officially begun, and last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be a second shooter at a Kevin Remington wedding that was absolutely breathtaking! The weather couldn't have been any more perfect, the venue was full of detailed charm, and the couple was absolutely stellar. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love to be the main photographer for my own amazing clients, but I have to admit, it's kind of nice to pull 'second shooter' duties every once in a while. I get to stand back, take in the big picture, and all the small details that come together to make each wedding unique. Congratulations to Ed and Kathleen and here's to a fantastic wedding season ahead! :)  photo Kathleen--Ed-edit4-copy_zps95c11394.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit6-copy_zpsbbbdea1a.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit7-copy_zps5ffab842.jpg photo KEc4_zps4a1f7621.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit16-copy_zpsf876ca78.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit5-copy_zpscb331c9e.jpg photo KE2_zps0d3e14fc.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit15-copy_zps4071a14d.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit14-copy_zps8dd78b4b.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit17-copy_zpsf382421e.jpg photo KEc3_zpsf02191d2.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit20-copy_zpsd96b5ce2.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit21-copy_zpse7d2e81b.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit24-copy_zps1e76c757.jpg photo KEc5_zpsc021008d.jpg photo KEc7_zpsdade4f04.jpg photo Kathleen--Ed-edit36-copy_zpsb46a21c2.jpg photo KEc8_zps85e93641.jpg photo KE-c1_zps15002f07.jpg

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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