Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Behind the Beautiful Image {DAY 1}

Whew! It's been a long day, and even though I just squeezed a semester's worth of information into these poor women- I'm hoping we've laid the ground work for some huge strides to be had this week. Special thanks to cool dude Caleb and the Talley Family for being our amazing models... trust me, having 9 cameras looming in your face ain't no walk in the park, but they rocked it!
 photo BBI-Workshop-Day-121-copy_zpsc884e94a.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-13-copy_zpsb16d4864.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-14-copy_zps3aca5754.jpg photo BBI-g1_zpsac11a8c1.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-16-copy_zps54b7f212.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-110-copy_zps8c195f57.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-17-copy_zpsb5637d7c.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-112-copy_zps0e8f8e38.jpg photo BBI-g2_zps8d80cea2.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-117-copy_zps97e4878e.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-120-copy_zps0bb2b0f4.jpg

Monday, July 15, 2013

Patrick & Kelly {HOUSE MOUNTAIN, VA}

I had the opportunity to assist with another Kevin Remington wedding over the weekend. I was on what I like to call 'dudes 'n' details' duty, which if anything, reminded me that I don't pay enough attention to my grooms.

The wedding day always seems to surround the bride, her dress, her jewelry, her flowers, etc., and I think in most cases, the groom is just happy to stay out of the limelight. But even for dudes, it's nice to be able to look back on all your studly details too. So here's to all the grooms I may have overlooked a bit in weddings past- a mistake I plan to remedy in the future.

 photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding3-copy_zps8e0b173a.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding1-copy_zpsd0289cce.jpg photo k6_zpsdc357e3e.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding6-copy_zps9efd6491.jpg photo k4_zpsefcd67ff.jpg photo PatrickampKellyWedding10_zps8d13f598.jpg photo k7_zps79f5544a.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding7-copy_zps2e2a5b8f.jpg photo k5_zps24572e72.jpg photo PatrickampKellyWedding21_zps8dcea319.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding13-copy_zps4208c4cd.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding22-copy_zps427a4cca.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding24-copy_zps204f8915.jpg photo PatrickampKellyWedding30_zps26c21381.jpg photo K_zps3e153078.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding34-copy_zps24f87e85.jpg  photo k2_zpsb722829c.jpg photo PatrickampKellyWedding31_zpsc250eb9c.jpg photo k1_zpsc77252c7.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding40-copy_zps54c498e7.jpg photo Patrick-amp-Kelly-Wedding43-copy_zps8dc8f7c4.jpg

Monday, July 8, 2013

Charlie & Laura {RAPHINE, VA}

 photo Charlie-amp-Laura6-copy_zps298c54aa.jpg photo Charlie-c4_zpsda54fe7b.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura23-copy_zpsdbd11713.jpg photo Charlie-c3_zps9d9126bb.jpg photo Charlie-c2_zps8c3f7ca4.jpg photo Charlie-c1_zps5ba4e6e6.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura9-copy_zpse6ff8b6e.jpg photo Charlie-c5_zps05ff6a9a.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura12-copy_zps77358851.jpg photo Charlie-c6_zpsda1c14f2.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura17-copy_zpscfd841f9.jpg photo CharlieampLaura24_zpsb4576068.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura25-copy_zps34d1e234.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura26-copy_zps20abb255.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura31-copy_zps9eb6edf0.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura27-copy_zpsc515207a.jpg photo Charlie-amp-Laura32-copy_zps34bdb3cc.jpg
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