Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013


I wanted our last day of the workshop to be laid back, relaxed, and fun... so I knew pretty much immediately that the day would need to consist of Black Dog Salvage, and some good mexican food. And that it did.
Black Dog was as vibrant and overstimulating as ever and all the ladies in my crew loved it. Seriously people... if you're looking for a place to look at/photograph a whole bunch of eclectic stuff in one place- this is that place. It was a perfect way to end the workshop... just letting everyone go their own way, shooting crazy cool stuff in all kinds of awesome light.
I'll be posting a video of highlights in the next day or two so keep an eye out!
 photo BBI-DAY414-copy_zps024de9f7.jpg photo BBI-DAY47-copy_zps34baf656.jpg photo BBI-DAY44-copy_zps7fc8381e.jpg photo BBI-DAY48-copy_zpsb3627e89.jpg photo BBI-DAY49-copy_zps13cc48b7.jpg photo BBI-DAY411-copy_zps4e5b75da.jpg photo BBI-DAY43-copy_zps1cb929ff.jpg photo BBIday4_zps5c1dc4b6.jpg photo BBI-DAY412-copy_zpsb91c8f7a.jpg photo BBI-DAY410-copy_zps5bd25070.jpg photo BBI-DAY415-copy_zps19a27abb.jpg

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coulter & Paige {STAUNTON, VA}

Who ever said you only get to wear your wedding dress once?!
For day 3 of my {Behind the Beautiful Image} Workshop, we were lucky enough to have this cute couple spend their first anniversary decked out yet again in their wedding threads. The Frontier Culture Museum couldn't have been a better backdrop for this shoot and hopefully it was beneficial for my {BBI} gals to see a shoot from start to finish...
 photo Coulter-amp-Paige1-copy_zps9e657004.jpg photo Coulter-amp-Paige2-copy_zps19b03cd9.jpg photo CampPc2_zps1d702a5a.jpg photo Coulter-amp-Paige6-copy_zps064a6ff2.jpg photo Coulter-amp-Paige13-copy_zps695ca996.jpg photo Coulter-amp-Paige15-copy_zps213d06e4.jpg photo Coulter-amp-Paige18matte-copy_zpsa2895a92.jpg photo CoulterampPaige17_zps223592c9.jpg photo Coulter-amp-Paige16-copy_zps4dc58a49.jpg
 photo CampPc1_zpsfb31c501.jpg photo Coulter-amp-Paige20-copy_zpsc58d8d15.jpg

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Behind the Beautiful Image {Day 2}

Another jam packed day of computer fails (tech problems are totally the WORST), sweet critiques, sharp shooting, and about 120 bug bites amongst the nine of us. Bug bites or not, Boxerwood Gardens was epic as always. The backdrop and the lighting at that place is just insane- I will never tire of it. Here's a few shots from our adventures today...
 photo BBI-Day225-matte_zps6f09088f.jpg photo BBI-day2g1_zps470dd5c0.jpg photo BBI-Day22-copy_zpse6f18913.jpg photo BBIDay211_zps89418f56.jpg photo BBI-Day210-copy_zps1bf8e363.jpg photo BBI-Day-2g2_zpscec68a41.jpg photo BBI-Day221-copy_zps0fb40cbf.jpg
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