Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Behind the Beautiful Image {DAY 1}

Whew! It's been a long day, and even though I just squeezed a semester's worth of information into these poor women- I'm hoping we've laid the ground work for some huge strides to be had this week. Special thanks to cool dude Caleb and the Talley Family for being our amazing models... trust me, having 9 cameras looming in your face ain't no walk in the park, but they rocked it!
 photo BBI-Workshop-Day-121-copy_zpsc884e94a.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-13-copy_zpsb16d4864.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-14-copy_zps3aca5754.jpg photo BBI-g1_zpsac11a8c1.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-16-copy_zps54b7f212.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-110-copy_zps8c195f57.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-17-copy_zpsb5637d7c.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-112-copy_zps0e8f8e38.jpg photo BBI-g2_zps8d80cea2.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-117-copy_zps97e4878e.jpg photo BBI-Workshop-Day-120-copy_zps0bb2b0f4.jpg

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