Monday, May 20, 2013

Grigg & Accacia got Married! {ROCKBRIDGE CO, VA}

Okay people... this post literally took me an entire day to edit/create. I know I normally keep my posts to 10-15 images, but oh my stars- the creativity and the colors and the handmade details of this wedding blew my ever-lovin' mind- and I HAD to show them off. So brace yourselves- this one's a doozey.
 photo AampG26-copy_zpsfe2ac582.jpg photo AampGC4_zps895a498f.jpg photo AampG30-copy_zps5fa840e7.jpg photo AampGC3_zpsd9b9f875.jpg photo AampGC2_zpsfd7b2995.jpg photo AampG35-copy_zps0e5c532f.jpg photo AampG36-copy_zps9ba4bc2f.jpg photo AampGC9_zps109f5732.jpg photo AampG38-copy_zps84f53e2f.jpg photo AampG41-copy_zps65165ef0.jpg photo AampG42-copy_zps7778e55a.jpg photo AampG76-copy_zps22524d8c.jpg photo AampG22-copy_zps30272493.jpg photo AampGC5_zps43ae6864.jpg photo AampG20-copy_zps3284bb3d.jpg photo AampG13-copy_zps66ca4ebe.jpg photo AampGC1_zps94bacff3.jpg photo AampG18-copy_zps8c68e0d7.jpg photo AampG6-copy_zpsee6c146d.jpg photo AampG5-copy_zpsfed74964.jpg photo AampGC6_zps24727b1a.jpg photo AampG55-copy_zps4e4145d2.jpg photo AampG61-copy_zpsfcce39be.jpg photo AampGC8_zpsbfdbe53b.jpg photo AampGC7_zps67e92c80.jpg photo AampG69-copy_zpsc8670bb3.jpg

1 comment:

Life Junkie said...

You definitely captured the beauty of the day! Nice job!

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