Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Delorise Bridals {LEXINGTON, VA}

Many of my brides make the genius decision to shoot their bridal session post wedding. It's so much more relaxed- there's no reception to hurry off to, there isn't as much pressure to keep every spec of dirt off the dress, and as a photographer, I know I'm able to feel more inspiration when I'm not worrying about the clock. Some brides choose to do bridals solo, since after all, they are called "bridals"... others however will drag along their newly acquired husbands for the shoot and I have to tell you, that is when some of the best couple shots are taken!
In this case, Delorise brought along her man in street clothes to help out, as she'd planned to do her bridals solo, but I had to snag him at the end and grab a few couple shots... I don't care if he's in a polo, the shots of the two of them at the end are my absolute favorite!! This couple is so ridiculously in love- life is good.
 photo Delorise-Bridal1-copy_zpsd654e7a9.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal2-copy_zps7978733c.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal5-copy_zpsb754e1a0.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal3-copy_zps5132da6d.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal4-copy_zps2b5b2a0b.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal-sc1_zpsb3c7c803.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal7-copy_zps8db1b999.jpg photo Delorise-c3_zpseded0c45.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal14-copy_zps53348b57.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal12-copy_zps3129e04b.jpg photo Delorise-c4_zpsc97f47bb.jpg photo Delorise-Bridal15-copy-2_zps3c9ae837.jpg

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