Thursday, April 11, 2013

Apatoa & Delorise {LEXINGTON, VA}

Make sure you change the quality to HD 720p in the lower right hand corner of the screen so it'll look as pretty as it was intended! :)  photo DampEB1_zpsccdc8670.jpg photo DampEB20_zpsf56984a4.jpg photo DampEBc2_zpse53eb2f0.jpg photo DampEB3_zpsa2388534.jpg photo DampEB4matte_zpsd87b5aa7.jpg photo DampEBC1_zpsd4752bf8.jpg photo DampEB12_zpscf93db94.jpg photo DampEB13_zps979c1a17.jpg photo DampEBc3_zpsd4c1f9d1.jpg photo DampEB15_zpsfd147002.jpg photo DampEB17_zpse1d20c14.jpg photo DampEB18_zps0e0a1db6.jpg photo DampEB16matte_zps30c13a23.jpg

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