Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Wyoming {BUENA VISTA, VA}

She's finally here! Born on February 20th at 4:16am, this little bundle came like a flash with only an hour and 15 minutes of labor from the first contraction to the last push... I can now officially say that I've experienced natural childbirth (unplanned of course!) And I fully intend to give the non-medicated route a try the next go around, only with a little more preparation!
Little Wyoming is just perfect- with a head full of hair, glossy little lips, and a calm disposition- we have been incredibly blessed! :o)


Meg Conrad said...

just beautiful Brinn!

Mandi Snider said...

She is gorgeous! Love the pictures!

Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

love it! That girls hair is unreal. She's a beaut, Brinn. Congrats.

Katt Chapman said...

Wow...she's gonna be so cool to get to know! Congrats, and hope everyone is doing well.

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